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Our People

We promote equal opportunities and encourage all our employees to treat one another and those we care for with honesty and respect.

Learning about why RHC is unique within the pharma sector is central to our induction programme. We give comprehensive overview of all the elements of our business to our new staff so that they feel confident in fulfilling their role and contributing to our vision.

We also actively encourage our people to review their performance and develop their role at RHC by using our Self-Assessment Programme. Many of our people have exceeded their aspirations in successfully completing externally accredited qualifications.

There is no limit to how far our people can progress their careers at RHC.

Environmental Health and Safety

Along with our fair business commitment, we aim to promote a safe and healthy workplace for employees and the community. We are committed to environmental improvement and sustainability as per the country's regulations.

We aim to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of officials & workers. We have a proper waste management system, wherein the disposal of water is done through ETP system.

We maintain more than a 30% green area in our factory premises. Several welfare activity of the community has been successfully initiated and done.


We as a responsible citizen emphasize on CSR in all areas of our operations. We work proactively to contribute towards the overall health’s nations. We believe that Our way of keeping on society.

We organize blood donation camps, our RHC employees enthusiastically donate blood to the institutional trust.

'Save Birds' an initiative being undertaken by Ratnamani Group, aims at creating awareness in the society to benefit and save birds during summer season. It motivates people to place birdbaths at their homes and terraces so that birds can have food grains and water.

'Go Green' is the initiative taken by us where we have maintained 30% of our factory premises as a green area.

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